Welcome to the one place devoted
to your health and your happiness


Welcome to NaplesHealth! We are happy and excited to visit with you here and look forward to working with you to address your health goals and more!

When you visit with us, you’ll find that we talk about a couple of ideals. We talk about sharing life’s journey with you “from babies to beautiful”; and we talk about caring for both your health and your happiness.

At our practice, we mean these promises quite literally. True, we are a most-recognized, long-standing, and well-respected Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice serving Medina and surrounding communities. Under the leadership of Dr. Patrick J. Naples (who we affectionately call the “gentle care doctor”) we’ve probably delivered more bouncing babies than anyone in the region. But there’s more to the story than that–more that you should care about when the time comes to choose your women’s health care partner.

You see, in all the years we’ve delivered all those babies, we’ve come to appreciate that physical health is just part of a life well lived. To reach your true potential as a human being, you need emotional and even spiritual care, too. So at NaplesHealth, our pledge is to care for your “whole person” in a way that encourages your embrace of each and every major component of overall wellness.

At times–and many times–wellness can include how you feel about yourself. Do you feel comfortable that the youth and exuberance sparkling in your heart is reflected by the person you see in the mirror? The degree to which you feel confident about yourself is a big part of achieving wellness. So, in addition to the region’s most gentle and most comprehensive women’s care capabilities, NaplesHealth is also proud to offer the area’s most extensive skin and laser rejuvenation protocols.

All that we offer is reflected in the pages you’ll find here. So we invite you at the start to look around and learn more about us. Upon doing so, you’ll be grateful to realize that we are all we promise: one practice devoted to caring in all the ways we can about both your baby and the most beautiful you.

We look forward to your next visit with us!

~ Your NaplesHealth Family of Care Providers